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"Iranian heritage, Japanese design, and a made-in-America commitment powered three decades of growth. Now Okabashi is letting its green flag fly."
This Family Lost Its Footwear Company in the Iranian Revolution. Now, It Makes 1.2 Million Shoes a Year in Georgia
Inc Magazine - August 27, 2018
"Don't send this summer shoe staple to the trash just yet."
Here's How to Recycle Old Flip Flops
Martha Stewert - July 25, 2018
"Third Oak shoes create just one-200th of the carbon footprint of other sandals "
Feet Forward: For this 29-year-old Georgia shoemaker, sustainability comes first
Atlanta Magazine - July 3, 2018
"But sometimes finding unique picnic supplies can feel like more trouble than it’s worth... SWAAY has compiled a list of female-founded, New York products to help you stand out this holiday!"
14 Female-Founded Picnic Essentials - For a Holiday You Didn’t Know You Needed
Swaay - June 18, 2018
""Choose a flip flop that works harder for the planet. Third Oak's range of flip-flops are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, meaning they don't add to our growing plastic problem."
Flip Flop You Don’t Stop
Pebble Magazine - June 8, 2018
"Who knew going green could look so chic? Lower your carbon footprint by purchasing these metallic sandals made from innovative, vegan, bio-based soy materials.”
What to Pack for a Luxury Wellness Retreat
Harper’s Bazaar - April 4, 2018
"Sara Irvani, a third-generation shoemaker and millennial CEO, has launched a new footwear brand, Third Oak. Irvani’s vegan-friendly shoes are made sustainably, using only recyclable materials, including a bio-based material made from soy derivatives.”
Female Millennial CEO Launches Sustainable Vegan Footwear Line
LiveKindly - March 18, 2018
"Third Oak is challenging millennials’ perception about sustainable “Made in USA” footwear, one flip-flop at a time."
Trending: Footwear Takes Steps Towards Sustainability
Sustainable Brands - March 8, 2018
"The CEO of Third Oak, Sara Irvani, expresses that the reason behind her ethical approach is that she realized people now care about responsible manufacturing processes more than ever, and that is what Third Oak stands for."
Third Oak Crafts Flip Flops from 100% Recyclable Materials
Trend Hunter - March 7, 2018
"The line... has all the feel-good characteristics that younger consumers value: It’s made in the USA, is 100 percent recyclable and cruelty free, and its leadership team is made up primarily of women."
This New Flip Flop Brand Has Everything Millenialls Could Want
Yahoo! Lifestyle - March 6, 2018
"Third Oak is challenging millennials’ perception about sustainable “Made in USA” footwear, one flip-flop at a time."
"Third Oak is challenging millennials’ perception about sustainable “Made in USA” footwear, one flip-flop at a time."
Footwear News - March 6, 2018
"There is a new flip-flop brand on the market, crafted especially for millennial customers."
Okabashi recognized during White House's Made in America Week
Footwear News - March 6, 2018
"Third generation shoe maker, Sara Irvani is passionate about changing the footwear industry. Shocked by the hidden wasteful side of shoe manufacturing, Sara and her team created Third Oak, a sustainable brand to make a difference..."
Third Oak: Responsibly Made in the USA
SGB Media - March 5, 2018

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