Earth Day Letter from our CEO

April 19, 2018

Dear Third Oak Adventurer,

The theme for Earth Day this year is: End Plastic Pollution. The thought of well-traveled flip flops ending up in a landfill or part of a floating plastic island in the Pacific breaks our hearts.

We are proud to do our part in reducing plastic pollution with our closed loop recycling process:

Regrind and reuse material for Third oak shoes Scrap material and shoes are sorted by color and ground up
Regrind sustainable material in Third Oak shoes Regrind is added to new material and color concentrate
Average pair of Third Oak shoes contains recycled material The average pair of Third Oak shoes contains 15-25% recycled material
Third oak recyclable shoes for Earth Day All our shoes may be recycled by putting them into a #3 bin or sending them back to our factory

We love it when you share your story with us on Instagram and Facebook, make sure to tag us #ExploreThirdOak.

Recyclable flip flops by Third oak shoes

Sara Irvani Third Oak CEO

Thank you for supporting responsibly made shoes. Every pair counts, and we hope they take you on some epic adventures!

All the best,
Sara Irvani
CEO, Third Oak

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